Publishing Ethics

Every author is expected to conduct research in accordance with the highest acceptable ethical standards practiced all over the world. Biomedica- an Official Journal of University of Health Sciences Lahore Pakistan sanctions zero tolerance for research misconduct pre-publication and/or post-publication in any aspect of research, and demands prompt investigation, resolution anpend alization for all such allegations under UHS Policy on Research Ethics in particular and Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines in general. It is the prime responsibility of the Editor to determine whether or not an ethical standards for publication are met to safeguard public trust in scientific findings, and that people receive credit for their work and ideas. 

Almost every aspect of the publication process involves significant ethical principles and decisions, which are occasionally clearly stated and even less often shared with the readers. Journals' standings remain contingent on the trust of readers, authors, researchers, reviewers, editors, patients, research subjects, funding agencies, and administrators of public health policy. This trust is improved by describing the ethical policies as overtly as possible including the journal's policies to ensure the ethical treatment of all participants in the publication process.

Biomedica’s comprehensive policy on publication ethics and investigation into research misconduct including plagiarism is available for the readers. In all such cases, the journal encourages and expects that all members of the scientific community liaise in reporting and/or responding to suspected Research Misconduct activity within its purview. Biomedica has a clear Research Misconduct / Malpratice Policy - any breach in the fundamental ethical policies may be investigated through this policy.



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