VOLUME: 38 | ISSUE: 3 | Sep 25, 2022 | PAGE: (115 - 115) | DOI: 10.51441/BioMedica/5-848

In the Memory of GR (Ghulam Rasool)(01-01-1990 to 23-09-2022)

Authors: Prof. Nadia Naseem


Prof. Nadia Naseem


Publication History

Received: October 02, 2022

Accepted: October 02, 2022

Published: September 25, 2022



Keywords: obituary

Biomedica - Official Journal of University of Health Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan

Volume 38(3):115


In the Memory of Ghulam Rasool (GR)

Losing a coworker can be especially painful when you know each other for such a long time and feel like a family. It took us many days to get past the initial shock of hearing and finally believing the sad news of the sudden and unexpected demise of Mr. Ghulam Rasool, our very own “GR”. We, the journal team and the faculty and staff of the Histopathology department is still trying to cut down the sadness, that has permeated our workplace, by taking time to share good memories and recall stories of how GR made a difference in our lives.

GR joined UHS as a student of Masters in Medical Lab Technology in 2010 and published quite a good number of publications in indexed journals from his thesis. Later, he acquired the M.Phil Histotechnology degree from the same institute in 2017 while being on the job as a Senior Technologist (from 2015 to 2018) in the Department of Morbid Anatomy and Histopathology. He was then selected as a Lecturer of Histotechnology (BPS-17) in 2018 and served the same department with full honesty, dedication and integrity till his death. He was supervising one M.Phil student and was a teacher of nearly all M.Phil and Ph.D students in histopathology techniques and advanced equipment’s trouble shooting. He presented his research at many prestigious national conferences and won prizes in three conferences for presenting his outstanding M.Phil research, which was later published in impact factor journals.

He was also a member of the Editorial Team of Biomedica and was passionate to learn and excel in the field of medical journalism. His continuous support to the planning and execution of the courses in Medical Journalism made it possible for us to complete four batches successfully with such an extensive coursework, training and assessment system. He was always there to support and help his peers on priority basis, regardless of his own commitments or obligations. He was never disrespectful, really NEVER, and always exhibited utmost decency, civility, obedience and politeness.

The most important thing to mention about GR is his love for his family … an unconditional love and respect for his parents and an unmatchable loyalty and affection for his wife and only child. He is survived by his old parents, a beautiful wife and a 2.7-year-old son, Ajar Ibrahim. Sadly, his yet to-be-born child will not see his loving and affectionate father; we all pray for an uneventful birth of the second baby of GR.

The cheerful attitude and bright smile of GR will always be missed at the department and the university.

May he be blessed with the highest ranks in Jannah….Ameen

Author: Prof. Nadia Naseem