Manuscript Submission Checklist

Manuscript file: (Required components and formatting):

  • The manuscript type is mentioned.
  • Text is 12 points, double-spaced.
  • Text font is Times New Roman or calibri only.
  • A short Running Title is given.
  • Author(s) information: Have you provided details (Full name, qualification, designation institutional affiliation and email) of all of your co-authors as well as of the corresponding author?
  • Structured abstract, unstructured abstract or none (See Instructions to Authors.)
  • Keywords: Please provide 4-6 keywords; MeSH keywords are recommended
  • Manuscript length and formatting: Have you checked that your manuscript doesn’t exceed the requirements for word count, number of tables and/or figures, and number of references?
  • Acronym use is limited.
  • References are in superscript in text and are placed after the punctuation marks in the main text of the article.
  • All references are cited in the text.
  • The manuscript has been checked for spelling and grammar.
  • After Conclusion at the end of manuscript, headings in following orders are added (1) Limitation (2) Author’s Contribution, (3) Acknowledgment (4) Conflict of Interest (5) Grant Support & Financial Disclosure
  • Have you supplied any required additional information for your article type such as supplementary material?
  • Figures with legends are provided. Photographs and illustrations are 300 dpi (or greater) JPEG, Tiff files and must be placed within the text file at its required place.
  • Tables with headings and footnotes are given and numbered appropriately in the main file.
  • Permissions: Have you obtained permission from the copyright holder to re-use any previously published material? Has the source been acknowledged?

Supporting Files (attached as separate documents)

  • Cover letter is provided as per Journal’s format.
  • Authorship Contribution is submitted.
  • Institutional Ethical Review Board approval certificate is given (scanned).
  • Written permission for the use of photographs, illustrations, figures, or text from another source is attached (scanned).
  • Supplementary files and appendices: Have you supplied these in an acceptable format? Have they been cited in the main text?
  • Suggesting Reviewers: Have you provided the names of at least two preferred and non-preferred reviewers?

Revised manuscripts: Have you supplied both a marked copy and a corrected copy of your manuscript? Have you provided a point-by-point response to the reviewers' and editor’s comments?