Thanks to our Reviewers

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the effort and expertise that you contribute to reviewing, without which it would be impossible to maintain the high standards of peer-reviewed journals. Here is a list of peer-reviewers who reviewed our manuscripts during the year 2020.
Sr. # Reviewer Name Designation /Specialty
1 Prof. Dr. Rashid Siraj Professor - General and Bariatric Surgery
2 Dr. Miznah   Rida Assistant Professor - Haematology
3 Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Professor - Pharmacology & Therapeutics
4 Prof. Dr. Ansa Rabia Professor - Anatomy
5 Dr.Sarah Ghafoor Associate Professor - Oral Biology
6 Prof. Dr. Rakhshanda Bajwa Professor - Pathology
7 Dr. Maham Akhlaq Assistant Professor - Pathology
8 Dr.Rabia Anjum Assistant Professor - Oral Pathology
9 Prof. Dr.Hafiz Majid Jahangir Associate Professor - Oral Pathology
10 Dr.Saba Khaliq Associate Professor - Cell Biology
11 Dr. Saima Zaki Assistant Professor - Obstetrics & Gynecology
12 Prof. Dr. Sadia Anwar Professor - Pathology
13 Dr. Saima Ch. Medical Education
14 Prof. Dr. Sidrah Saleem Professor - Microbiology
15 Dr. Farhan Rasheed Assistant Professor - Microbiology
16 Dr. Asma Salam Lecturer - Physiology
17 Dr. Zaima Ali Associate Professor - Physiology
18 Dr. Romeeza tahir Assistant Professor - Immunology
19 Dr. Sadaf Waris Assistant Professor - Pathology
20 Prof. Dr. Nauman Rauf Khan Professor - Oral Pathology
21 Prof. Dr. Alia Bashir Professor - Obstertics & Gynaecology
22 Dr. Asim Pervaiz Assistant Professor - Molecular Biology
23 Dr. Usman Aftab Assistant Professor - Pharmacology
24 Prof. Dr. Nudrat Sohail Professor - Obstetrics and Gynaecology
25 Prof. Dr. Tahir Naeem Professor - Microbiology
26 Prof.Dr. Nasir Shah Professor - Family Medicine
27 Dr. Sumera Ehsan Assistant Professor - Medical Education
28 Dr. Uzma Zafar Assistant Professor - Physiology 
29 Ms. Khadija Asim Lecturer - Public Health
30 Prof. Aftab Mohsin Professor - Medicine / Gatroenterology
31 Prof. Sultan Ayub Meo Professor - Physiology (King Saud University, Saudi Arabia)
32 Dr. Thanh D. Hoang, MD Department of Medicine - Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, USA.
33 Prof. Dr.Rubina Karim  Professor of Pathology -Lake Huron Medical Center, USA.
34 Prof. Dr. Dmitry A Kuznetsov Department of Medical Nanobiotechnologies. Russian National Research Medical University, Russia.
35 Prof. Dr. Kamran Sattar Professor of Medical Education. King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.
36 Prof. Dr. Waseem Hajjar Head of the Thoracic Surgery Division, King Khalid University Hospital, Saudi Arabia.